“We are the warriors of the Wild. We shall not be tamed by fancy men. We are the Warriors of the Wild. We shall not yield to weaker ways. We are the Warriors of the Wild, and WE WILL NOT GO SILENT!” ~ Slykin Priest’s Cry

Slykin is the land known to barbarians and nomads alike. Most cities are traveling cities that do not stay in on e place for very long. The land is mostly mountains and dry rocky desert. The people have to roam just as the animals do to find water.

This leads to combat and strife across the land. What few developed cities they can be found by areas of water, either the coast to the east or along the Leviathan, the largest source of fresh water in the whole kingdom. The largest city of Slykin is Kifkardin. The city is positioned between Leviathan and the Little River.


The Sea of Sand

Krayt Mountains

Leviathan River Basin

Sea Shelf

Gypsy Bay

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