Slidria Frostdancer

Known for her psychic abilities and her icy appearance. She was born in the heart of winter over 600 years ago. It was said that she had no color to her at all. She actually is an albino, this coupled with her abilities give her much respect and much fear.

Slidria is incredibly quiet and observant. For her gifts and for the fear that she has garnered over the years, she has many enemies. The town of Chunda would like very much to have her for dinner. She once was a prominent and influential rising star in Feldus however when the source of her gifts were revealed, she was cast aside.

It is said that she spent the next 150 years among the Darkwood Elves before returning to the Great Falls Forest where she was born. Feldus was not where she returned to, however she found the small town of Ethedius more welcoming.

Slidria began having nightmares around the same time the monsters began attacking. The Keepers had awakened was her cry. That very night the first organized raids of Goblins occurred as well as Lord Ethan Eldos fell ill.

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Slidria Frostdancer

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