Schools of Magic

“With the rapid growth of our art, I feel it is time that we form centers of mastery to focus and hone skills. These Schools would be places were those of us that are masters can share our knowledge with those coming into the art a new. It can also be a place where we can build upon the foundations in which we have set for those that we are currently teaching. It could become a place where we, ourselves, push our own limits of understanding. I propose these Schools of Magic for betterment of all.” ~Janus, head of the Council of Magic 2238 B.C.

During the Age of Enlightenment, magic was growing at an exponential pace. There were so many people that were discovering that they had the ability to perform magic. During this growth there was a wildness to the art. From this growth many styles that we now call Schools. With this growth however, became problems.

There were a lot of mishaps and mistakes. There were people abusing those that did not have magic. In this Chaos formed the Council of Magic. This council was comprised of 15 of the most powerful and respected Magi of their time. In early Gladebrook of the year that would be known as 2240 B.C., the 15 gathered on one of the islands of Xephos to decide how best to give structure and order to the study of Magic.

Janus was the current King of Xephos, and by far the most understanding of the diverse cultures of Kalidria, was the one that proposed the Schools of Magic be formed. His proposal was to keep the Council on Xephos for it was truly a melting pot of culture and there was not a ship in the sea that could not find their way to Xephos.

He also proposed that there be 7 schools. This would give the eight kingdoms that practice magic influence over the magic that was being taught. Slykin had not formed cities and had no Magi among their people. Janus also suggested when they form such a need that they be brought into the Council and a school built for them as well. All were in agreement with the terms in which Janus brought to the table. Janus was also made the first Grand Magus of the Council.

Building of the Seven

1. Virbum Vis (Orange-Edius)
2. Viridi Semitam (Green – Feduria)
3. Nyx Turris (Purple – Shadowfel)
4. Natura Aduro (Red – Alastin)
5. Visio Vis (Blue – Kendor)
6. Congelato Lacrimam (White – Kredo)
7. Sanctuarium Mors (Black – D’Valten)

Discussions on the seven schools began that very day and 4 days of the Full of Frostbreak in the year 2215 B.C. the first stones were put in place for the first school. The school was Virbum Vis in Edius. It was set to be the largest of the seven and the school that focused most heavily on being a well rounded school.

One after the other the schools were built. After Virvum Vis, came Viridi Semitam in the city of Kemanel, Feduria. Then Nyx Turris in the subterranean city of Evernight, Shadowfell. Followed by Natura Aduro in the city of Malhavoc, Alastin and Visio Vis in the Citadel of Cliss, Kendor. Congelato Lacrimam in Sylander’s Falls, in Kredo.

The final school, was Sanctuarium Mors in the city of Selidrine, D’valten. It was completed on the New of Twilight 2115 B.C. It took one hundred years for the seven schools to be constructed.

As one school was completed, it was then opened. By the time Sanctuarium Mors was completed, the demand was so high that the schools became very selective of who actually had the magical talent to become a student. This is a practice that holds true today.

The Lost Schools

Sometime in 1962 B.C. there was a very experimental ritual conducted in ShadowFell at Nyx Turris. Prior to this ShadowFell was a fairly dark place, winter lingered a long time, but they knew the sun’s face. Something went horribly wrong with the ritual. There was an explosion of darkness that engulfed the land of Shadowfell. Comically it became known as the Falling of the Shadow. Nyx Turris, as well as the surrounding 100 miles are thought to be gone. No one has confirmed the true fate.

The second school was lost early in the Dark Days. A group of wizards from Congelato Lacrimam attempted to gather forces to combat Calisto. They were not fast enough. He caught wind of their plans an aerial siege to the school and ultimately destroyed it. The school known for its practice of ice based magics was destroyed by a rain of fire. The school burnt to the ground in 1244 B.C.

Becoming a Mage

There are more than a few ways you can end up at one of the Schools of Magic. Upon arrival to the school you have only two options to be seen for testing. The first way is to pay a testing fee of 50 gold, this coin goes towards your first years dues if you pass. The second way is to have a Mage that has graduated from his studies vouch for you.

Once you pass your initial test you are then given the opportunity to join the school. Training is not cheap, however if you do not have the coin to afford tuition, they do have programs where you work for the school or a mage in the city to cover your dues. Most begin their training by their 9th or 10th year in human standards. All students begin as Initiates.

When they have proven their worth, a wizard will take them under their wing. At that moment they go from the White Cloak of an Initiate to a Green Cloak of the Apprentice. Once you have mastered enough to be sent into the world for independent studies, you will be given the Brown Cloak of a Journeyman.

During your travels it is expected of you to visit with Master Journeymen and Masters that live outside the walls of the city. Once every two years you must make your way back to the tower that you had called home for a long time to test your progress. Once you have progressed enough in your studies you will be given the Red Cloak of the Master Journeyman.

The Master Journeyman is to test their knowledge and wisdom. Push their academic understanding on the ways of Magic to a new level. You cannot be a master that has not known the full extent of what it means to be a master. You will push yourself in conquest and challenge until you are called back to the school to be given a task for your Black Cloak.

Upon receiving your Black Cloak you will be recognized as a Master of Magic. There are two more cloaks beyond that. The Grey Cloak of the Magus and the Gold Cloak of the Grand Magus.


Grand Magus – Gold Cloak
Magus – Grey Cloak
Master of Magic – Black Cloak
Master Journeyman – Red Cloak
Journeyman – Brown
Apprentice – Green
Initiate – White

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