Sanctuarium Mors

“Deep in the heart of the D’Valten swamps is a black tower. In this dark place you can learn the darkest of arts. Nothing good can survive there… for a black heart, a black tower in a black land. If Necromancy, Curses and Hexes are your call… there is nowhere better than the Sanctuarium Mors” ~Seros, when giving overviews to potential students in Keros

Sanctuarium Mors stand tall in the heart of the city of Selidrine in the Deadlands Swamp in the southern area of D’valten. Of the five Schools of Wizardry in Kalidria, it is the one that has the reputation for producing the darkest and most desperate of students. During the 300 years that the monsters were in control of D’valten, the tower stood ever protected.

It is the only school that teaches enough Necromancy for a Necromancer to actually be trained. Most schools will only teach how to defend against Necromancy. The Mors, as it is known by it’s students, specializes in it.

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Sanctuarium Mors

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