Sable Newcastle

“The only way to learn the ways of magic is to learn the ways of the world. If you wish to learn the extreme forms of magic, you must in turn go to the most extreme lands to learn it. The knowledge in books is a great start, but it is only that, a start.” ~Sable Newcastle

Sable is a woman of average height with black hair and deep blue eyes. She has tanned skin and dresses modestly in her journey attire, but when she is not journeying she is dressed in the silks of her homeland. She was born in Malhavoc in Alastin. Her Red robe has the red and gold trim marking that she graduated from Natura Aduro in the same city.

She still has a very thick Alastin accent. Despite her looks, she is very at home in the roughest parts of the world. She looks for the harshest climates to hone her abilities and knowledge. She is in her upper 20’s and managed to make the rank of Master Journeyman, a feat that is not normally obtained before 40 for most humans.

Sable grew up mostly with her father, Tywin Newcastle, in Alastin. Her mother is a brewmaster and innkeeper of an inn known as the Giant Tamer in Kredo. Her parents meeting is one that they love to share with their daughter. They met at the Dragon Roof Inn, her mother was on death’s door and Tywin helped her recover. Alaura Tanth was very grateful. Her mother has an ambition to become known in all of Kalidria for her brew. Her father was a Mage aspiring for the same level of ability in his arts.

Sable took after her father in many ways, so at the first signs of Magic her parents decided that maybe growing up in a bar would not be a good life for a girl with the gift. Much of her appearance comes from her mother. Her father also states that her ability to laugh and enjoy the small things in life certainly came from her mother.

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Sable Newcastle

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