The Keepers
Brothers of the Forge

After Calm

Sabrin Amethyst Dragon Able met in the Realm of Whispers
Ethan Eldos Lord of Malatin
Kylen Eldos Wife of Ethan Eldos
Durin Dwarven Blacksmith from Malatin
Hel Elvish trapper/hunter that lives in or around Malatin
Muldis Vur Apothecary of Malatin
Beedi Vur Wife of Muldis, Midwife of Malatin
Jet Ro Tul Traveling Brewer
The Butcher – Executioner of Feduria
Vyden Varfarrion Former Lord of Feldus
Sando Clize
Makisha Heroni
Shivara Denathal
Slidria Frostdancer
Katrin Drugo
Tharja Adrian’s sister
Diego Drugo
Kyxrith of Durg
Professor Grimlock
Linus Mal Macall
Vero Kaas Lord of Xephos
Commander Gerrick Commander of Malatin forces.
Olan Durf Lord of Chunda
Skyborn of the Greenwood Elf that once lived in the Great Falls Forest
Pitch Human Miner
Sable Newcastle Female Wizard wearing a Red Cloak
Lilith Wolfe Able‘s Mother
Saix Wolfe Able’s Father
Katrina Simmons Green Cloak desk worker.
Mytrin Aunt of Content Not Found: adrian-thraxus
High Priest Gorman High Priest of Sylander
Mycenthia Amethyst Dragon that Calls The Dragon’s Maw her home
Drugian Black Robe advisor at Malhavoc
Garvis Stewart of D’Valten
Fennis High Priest of Mindwrym in Reef Town
Syndra 1st Warden of the Soul Wardens
Rick Owner of the Flagon Dragon
KlixisHP of Calisto
Krixdain Captain of the Guard
Aiden 1st Dragoon
Cerbian Keeper
Fredrik Capt of D’Valten Navy
Lagertha White Dragonkin studying Evocation as an ice specialist in Alastin.
Elsa Instructor at the magic school in Malhavoc for Evocation: Shattering Defenses



Kaleb – Gaurd in Keros that set Flint free
Galt – Durg Chieftain
Dowrer – Durg Chieftain
Dwalen – Durg Chieftain
Chandle –
Kalen – Darkwood Elf
Cooper – Dwarf living in the Darkwood
Alentha – Tribal Leader of the Darkwood
Pern – Bard of the Darkwood
Meradith and Liza – Owners of Toasted Wheat
Gorwn – Ambassador of Durg
Granite – Elven Master of Martial Art in Durg
Ygritte – Floutiest in Durg
Erwin – Rowdy
Helga – Dwarven mistress of Flint
Edith – One nighter in Durg
Tomin & Timin Twins in the Temple of Gydrix
Mance – Captain of Gydrix
Kilborn – Blessed one of Gydrix


Eliard Elf going to school in Sanctuarium Mors
Pryn – Thief
Kelvin Street Priest for Calisto in Reef Town
Dangir the Firebeard from the Murto Mountains


Jareth Halifausti – Greenseer and Duelist
Alenthia – Female Warrior found at Sea


Lord Kera
Lady Myrith

Before Calm

The Sentinels

  • Kerarld the Sentinel of Destruction
  • Lynsyd the Sentinel of Death
  • Harrow the Sentinel of Torture
  • Skald the Sentinel of Madness

Bringers of the Calm

Seros The wizard that gave the Bringers of the Calm the keys to destroy Calisto’s Fortress
Gerthark Dwarven King of Durg c.650 bc
Guldrin Silver Beard Grand Priest of Durg that forged the Sword of Feldus
Kerrick the Old Man
Seros the First Avatar of Cryptice

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