“All the living must suffer Death, death is final only as long as Necropis allows it.” Priest of Necropis Payer

Necropis is the God of Death and the ways of the dead. It is his hand that guides souls to their final resting place. He is also over what happens to the physical material the dead leave behind. Nearly every plague is blamed on Necropis.

His followers are slaves to their traditions. They wear a dark green cloak with black trimming and a death’s head mask. The high priests wear death’s head masks made of a horse skull. Other members typically wear the skulls of their own family members.

Necropis is acknowledged in all nine kingdoms and is the patron deity of Sanctuarium Mors the only school of magic in the nine kingdoms that focus on Necromancy. Every graveyard in the nine kingdoms pay respect to Necropis in some way to ensure that those buried there will stay where they are.


Necropis is depicted to be of human stature wearing the same cloak as his followers still wear and, according to legend, a skull of the God of Life prior to Halis. It was said that he killed Elgis the God of Life. It was said that Elgis’s divine essence had entered into Halis giving her new life. Necropis rides a horse that is depicted as being in varied stages of death from minor decay to a skeleton.

Code and Ethics

Death holds more power than life for all living must succumb to death.
Dead without a home are doom to wander and roam.
Those that travel among the dead must appear as the dead or they shall join them.
Good, Evil matter not Necropis is the arbitrator
Help all find their way to the realm of the dead.

Colors and Symbols

Green and Black are his colors. His symbol is a Death’s Head Skull mask and a Skeletal Horse.

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