“Malphrus is a fickle wench. Sometimes she gives you the wind, other times she takes it from you, and if you anger her, she’ll give you so much wind that they’ll never find you again.” A common seafarer saying

Those that depend on the sea know her name all too well. She is the Goddess of the Tempest and Storm. She’s the God that you worry about keeping happy the most when you are on a long voyage. Some say that she is the Goddess of the Seas, but at the end of the day she is the name that is cursed for bad weather or blessed for good.

Most sailors honor her and when they have taken their final voyage they are given over to her and she is asked to guide them home. Very few priests follow her, but those that do live on the sea or in Xephos who depend completely on the sea.


It is said that Malphrus is a beautiful woman with bluish skin and purple hair. She has appeared to many seafarers singing to them sometimes luring them to harm other times guiding them to safety.

Code and Ethics

Thank her for a good voyage.
Only take from the sea what you need.
Anger her not for you will see your last voyage.
Many other superstitious saying of seafarers.

Colors and Symbols

Blue and Purple are her color. Her symbols are waves, storms and a lightning bolt.

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