Malatin is the starting location for this adventure. It is a quiet town on the wet side of the Dragon’s Tooth Mountains. The town is just above the tree line of this very large mountain range. The Dragon Stream river runs through the heart of town and serves as a good water supply.

Malatin is generally quiet and peaceful with a people that are generally good natured and tend to take care of one another. They are lead by line of Lords that stretch back to even the dark times. The house of Eldos has taken care of the town of Malatin for nearly 600 years. Currently Lord Ethan Eldos is the Lord of Malatin.

Ethan Eldos is a just and fair man that likes things to be peaceful, calm and efficient. He has very little tolerance for thievery or crimes of a violent nature. He is a human that stands around 6 feet in height with long brown hair and a kind look upon his face.

Individuals of Note

Lord: Ethan Eldos
Captain of the Guard: Kaldus
Apothecary: Muldis Vur
Midwife: Beedi Vur
Blacksmith: Durrin
Bower-Fletcher and Guide: Hel
Merchant: Kerrius
Butcher: Marius
Stone Cutter/Carpenter: Gurrin
Map Maker: Denathol
Barkeeps: Vurrin and Baley
Justicar of Halis in Malatin: Parthis Morsh
High Priest of Halis in Malatin: Dole Karish

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