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*Wiki is under significant reconstruction, works in progress will be a mess.

The world in which the stage is set. The world is very much like the standard Greyhawk setting, however the details are very much different. Follow the link for the world information that will be readily available.

In this section you will find the links to the many different territories of the world of Kalidria. Under each territory you will find links to NPCs specific to that territory.

NPCs of the world will be found here.

Gods of the Realm
Here is where you can find the Deities and demigods for the realm of Kalidria.

Here is a quick link to the Races of Kalidria.

Here you will find setting specific information about monsters and beast that you will find in Kalidria.

Here you will find the setting specific plants of Kalidria. Some places are very dangerous and the proof is in the foliage.

Here you will find information about the cities, towns and hamlets that the adventurers will find along the way.

Magic of Kalidria
In Kalidria there are Schools of Magic. Here is the location for information about the society of Magic within the world of Kalidria.

Legends and Lore
Every land has it’s legends, lore and superstitions. You can find those here, as well as information about how things were before the darkness first claimed Kalidria.

House Rules
The Homebrew Rules for the setting. Character Creation rules and modifications to the standard rule sets that I am running the game in. I will be using AD&D 2nd Edition as well as Cortex System for my base rule sets.

Live Play
Here you can find links to live plays of the events. Don’t forget to check out the Adventure Logs to get up to date information about the campaign week to week.

Main Page
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Main Page

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