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Overview of Magic

Styles of Magic

Magic in Kalidria is a very diverse thing. Magic, however, breaks down into a handful of categories. Wizardry, Clerical, and Innate.

Wizardry is developed with a natural gift and from there you develop spells and formula to produce the magical effects you are looking for. The Magi of Kalidria practice Wizardry. The Schools of Magic are where one goes to learn this.

Clerical Magic is magic fueled by Faith. Those that practice this magic have a strong faith in which they draw upon. Through them their gods perform the miracles their servant has asked for. There are many religious groups that bring in followers to learn the ways of a Cleric or Priest. Religious institutes devoted to these practices can be found in nearly every city or town.

Innate magic is a very rare form of magic that only a hand full of individuals throughout all of Kalidria are able to do. These groups typically form orders or organizations within themselves to build upon their abilities. One such group are the Keepers of the Beasts. These abilities manifest themselves as wild talents until they are nurtured and harnessed.

Limits of Magic

Kalidria is a world of high fantasy. For the most part there is not much in the way of limits aside from the power of the caster, or the faith of that caster. As in other high fantasy worlds, resurrection, regrowing of lost limbs and such exists, however, not without cost.

When a person dies in Kalidria, the pain they felt was real. Their body died and the spirit within them began to move to another plane of existence in accordance to their beliefs. If they do not have a particular belief the spirit will then travel to the realm of the dead, where it will join those that had died before it. This place is not a happy place.

For every minute that passes in life and hour passes to the dead. The time it takes to cross over to the realm of the dead is one minute in living time. From there one will see horrors of the dead, in which they will remember. Those of strong minds can resist this trauma better than others, but all will see this in one form or another.

The spirit will cross to the realm of the dead where they will stand before Halifaust to be judged based on their faith. The faithless will remain in the realm of the dead with others that lack the faith to find a true home in the after. The longer a spirit remains in the realm of the dead the harder it will be for the spirit to be brought back as well as how well the mind will hold up to what they have seen.

The replacement of a limb, if there is a limb to replace or rejoin that is much easier. If there is no material for the limb to regrow it will regrow overtime. Some organic materials will be needed to begin the process. While it is regrowing you will have to retrain yourself to use this lost item.

Clerical Healing Vs. Apothecary

In many respects the two are very similar. The main difference is time. Where a Cleric’s healing is nearly instant, the Apothecary takes a bit more time. Depending on the nature of the tincture, salve or brew they could take seconds, minutes or days. For instance, a basic healing salve will heal the same amount as a cure light wounds, but it would take 15 minutes to complete.

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