The God of Unending Summer.

This ruthless and cruel God is worshiped by the Krixians. They feel that everything belongs to their God and thus it should be named as such. Krixians are a people that do not own anything, nor do anyone else in their eyes.

Priests of Krix are truly powerful warriors. They are forged by combat and feel that is the only way to become closer to the cruelty of the unending summer sands. The process to become a priest is a grueling one involving surviving in the desert with only what they were born with to start them on their way.

The priests have no fancy ranks like many other priests. They are all simply Children of Krix. Krix is only worshiped by the Krixians to common knowledge, it would be possible for some warriors to see Kirx as an idol, but this is unconfirmed.

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