Keros is the main port city and trade city for the entire region. Nearly anything can be located here. On top of all the great trade the city is home to a very large school of wizardry, Verbum Vis.

Population: 750,000+
Territory: Gulf of Edius
Political System: Magocracy
Leader: Grand Magus Elvantri Kethos
Lawfulness: Very


Locations of Note:
Verbum Vis
Edius Tower
Soured Salt Wives
Merchant Square
Schola Libre
Gilded Finch Inn

Characters of Note:

The city of Keros is a magnificent site. It was the location in which the tide turned in the great war that brought the Calm. It was this site that Seros threw off his binds to give the great heroes the information needed to bring down Calisto’s Castle. In the heart of the city there is a great statue of Seros.

Not only is the city rich with culture and art, but it is also one of a handful of locations that still have a School of Wizardry. The cost is not cheap to get proper instruction here, but those who complete their education here state that it is very much worth it.

The city is a walled city on the Gulf of Edius. The City Walls stand 50 Feet tall and are painted white for all to see. In the heart of the town stands three spires, the School of Wizardry – Verbum Vis, the government center – Edius Tower, and the greatest Library in Kalidria – Schola Libre.

The city is ruled by a council of Magi that believe that an educated people are a people that will not waver and fall to the status of lesser thieves and such. With that, there are many educational institutions throughout the city to actually provide an education to the people. Through this they also find those pupils that would be worthy of joining the rank of a Mage.

The city, being a port city, has its fair share of scum that come to town. Through vigilance and a very stern policy on crime, Keros has a reputation for being one of the hardest cities for a thief to work in, and is speculated that it is the only port city that does not have a thieves guild.

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