“The Land of Extremes”

Kendor is called the land of extremes for a great number of reasons. To the north you have the Ice Plains and in the middle of this massive continent you have great heat and volcanoes. To the south you have tropical climates.

The people of this territory is just as extreme. Many of them are zealots in one form or fashion. This kingdom is the second largest of all the kingdoms. This kingdom is anything but united as a whole, there is a ruler of the kingdom, however the dukes under him have enough power to be viewed as Kings in their own rite.

The ruler of the territory is Sando Clize and he rules out of the city of Britadan. He is a half elf and has married an elf from the land of Feduria. Her name is Makisha Halifausti, meaning Makisha of Halifaust in the land’s dialect of Elvish. Her and her family are devout followers of Halifaust, so much so that they seek to spread their faith through the world and smote any followers of a less noble God.

For the past 150 years they have been on a tear in the Kingdom of Kendor to remove any and all temples or shrines to Calisto, for not only was he not a God, but he was not a noble person. Further information about the house of Halifausti can be found under the Legends and Lore section titled The House of Halifaust.


The Ice Plains


The Blister of Krix

Murto Mountains

Gulf of Maltania


Sites of Note

The Frost Gate

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