“Praise be to the Giver and Protector of Life. May the Healing Blessings of Halis Pour upon us all as she stands her vigil.” Prime Code of the Halis Priests

Halis is seen as a protector of life. Legend states that long ago in the Age of Formation when all civilization was coming to be, Halis was a human woman that was wed to a strong human warrior. Her home was attacked and her husband was not strong enough to defend the attackers. As Necropis and his minions were destroying her town, it was then that she took up her husband’s glaive and fought to defend her town.

She began to attack the forces and managed to fight her way all the way to the God of Death himself. As she stood in front of this God, knowing full well what she was facing unafraid, Necropis asked her a question, “Why do you fight to receive your death so?”

Her response, “For all life is sacred and those that take life without care should forfeit their own life. So, I have come to take your life from you!” With that she attacked and drew blood of the Dead God. As the poisonous blood touched her skin, she began to die.

Necropis said, “You cannot kill that which is already dead and controls all of death for there is no greater power than death.”

“You are Wrong! Life is far more powerful, and you may take my life, but you will not keep it.” Those were to be her dying words. But life proved to be stronger, as something happened when she died. As the sun rose the next morning a light gathered around Halis and Life returned to her. No longer was she human, no longer was she mortal. She Died a human and rose a God.

The glow of the sun has never left her face and she protects life to this day.


Halis is seen as a Human Female wearing Field Plate armor with a Blue Sir Coat with the Golden tower on her chest. She is always with Glaive in one hand and the sun in the other. Golden hair with a golden tan and silver eyes.

Code and Ethics

Life is Sacred, Protect it always.
Defense to those that cannot defend themselves is best served in Giving them the Tools needed to defend themselves.
Those that take life without care do not care for their own, so their life is already forfeit.
Those without swords die upon them easily.
Heal the sick, the weak and the wayward.
Halis Blesses those she has chosen, so they too may choose whom they are to bless.
The darker the heart the more susceptible to the light.

Colors and Symbols

Blue, Silver and Gold are her colors. A golden tower with a Silver and Blue flag is her symbol.

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