“Justice, Honor and Valor are the beginnings of good work. In dark times we must struggle to keep the sanctity of these values to live in harmony with what is and prevent it from corruption.” Prime Code of the Halifaust Priests


Halifaust is the symbol of fighting the good fight for the betterment of all peoples. He is seen as a champion against the unjust and wicked. Those that follow Halifaust are typically driven to root out anyone or anything that is causing a corruption of society. They care for Justice, but also show mercy where redemption is possible.

Halifaust is worshiped all over Kalidria but no where stronger than the Great Falls Forest of Edius. His worshipers are mostly Humans and Elves, but there are many of all races that worship him. The ruins of his temple is a pilgramage that many priests of this order take up, these are found in the ruins of the City of Edius.


Halifaust is depicted as an Elf wearing a green and gold breastplate. Pale skin, golden hair and piercing green eyes with a tight muscular tone to show his athleticism. He fights with a longsword and seen many times with a lightning bolt in his other hand and an great white eagle upon his shoulder.

Code and Ethics

Honor be to thy word, keep it always.
May your feet set firmly on the path to justice with honor.
Bring Justice to the just and unjust alike.
Justice without death is always above Justice by the blade.
Weed out corruption where it grows.
Fight with honor lest your enemy removes that option from you. At that point you have lost even in victory.
Hope and Justice always shines brightest to the oppressed.

Colors and Symbols

Green and Gold are his colors. His symbols are the Longsword, Lightning Bolt and Eagle.

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