“Magic is the heart of all things. Respect it well and learn it’s ways to learn the heart of all things.” Words of the Council of Magic

Gydrix is the god of Magic, and a name that every mage knows all too well. He is a major course of study for all that go to the Schools of Magic. He is known as being brilliant beyond compare with the ability to cast all spells from memory. The persona that he is described as having is that of a wise and friendly mentor.

His face is on the mantle of every School of Magic, but none larger than in Virbum Vis in Keros. Virbum Vis is the generalists school and preach learning all that you can about all magic, in the main auditorium in the school is a 50ft statue of Gydrix.


A bearded man with a short white beard with bright blue eyes. He wears bright red and blue robes with a staff. Pendant around his neck and rings on his fingers. A thinkers face, smiling.

Code and Ethics

Knowledge is Sacred, seek it always
Magic is in the heart of all things
Might is not power, Magic is not power, it is the understanding of things that is power.
To hoard Knowledge is the greatest sin of all.
Share your knowledge with those willing to hear it.

Colors and Symbols

Red and Blue are his colors. The Book and Staff are his symbols.

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