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Gudrik’s Pass
Dragon’s Eye Lake
Dragon’s Teeth Mountains

The Dragon’s Eye is a region of Kalidria that contains the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains and all sites around it. The area is known for it’s mild summers and bitterly cold winters. The mountains start in the low lands covered in hardwood trees and fairly friendly looking mountains. This drops away at the tree line and the tallest of these mountains are ever covered with snow and ice.

Many state that the reason the area received its name is for those sharp, snow covered mountain tops that have a curve to them that make them appear as teeth of a dragon. The mountains are home to not only men and dwarves, but also elves primarily in the low lying areas.

The largest city in the Dragon’s Eye region is actually a Dwarven city that is built within the mountain. The city of Durg is a sight to behold by those that the Dwarves welcome there. Some of the greatest artisans and craftsmen of the Dwarven people can be found in the city of Durg. However those crafts have not been needed in some time.

Even during the calm however, Dwarven tradition holds strong to the arts of ’smithing.

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