“What can be truly known about a God of Whispers? Only the secrets that he has allowed to come to surface.” A common seafarer saying

Cryptice is known for being a God of Whispers. There are a select few that follow this god in the truest sense of the word, but every court pays his tithe. Of these followers they come from many walks of life from traders of secrets to oracles.

Many disagree on what Cryptice is truly about, but the common thread among them is listening to what is whispered. There are no temples of Cryptice, but it is said that once there were before Calisto. Many traveling entertainers pay homage to him in trying to gather new stories to share with people.

The typical follower will be willing and look forward to hearing a story of someone’s life, because everything has a story to tell. At the same time they seek to understand the whispers that you are not hearing around you or about you. Many keep with the tradition of three books, one black, one white and one grey. Each follower uses them differently however.

So truly what can be known of a God of Whispers?


Cryptice is shown as old man in travelers robes and a bag with three books in it. Even with his age, his eyes shine with that look of knowing and understanding. It is said that he has a wrinkle for every secret that has ever been spoken.

Code and Ethics

The Most Precious Thing is Secret Wisdom.
A Secret is worth more than gold.
Whispers the words that you listen for, for they are spoken with sincerity.
Everything has a story.
There are three kinds of words: Truth, Lies and Secrets and Secrets are comprised of the other two.

Colors and Symbols

Black, White and Grey are his colors. An ear and a quill are his symbols.

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