“The deepest parts of the sea are silent, beautiful and deadly. We must all be wise and careful in these depths and do not disturb the slumbering creatures there. Observe the beauty and keep its serenity, always.” ~Founding Principle of followers of Cliss

Cliss is the Goddess of the deepest parts of the oceans and is said is the daughter of the Kraken. The primary place she is worshiped is the Bay of Cliss, the deepest bay in all of Kalidria. The water here is surprisingly deep and due to the depths and the Sylander River running into the bay, the water is always cold.


Cliss is portrayed as a beautiful, human woman with a serene smile dressed in blue corals and small shells. Her hair is a very dark purple with green eyes and blue hues to her skin, almost of a drowned woman.

Code and Ethics

Colors and Symbols

Blues, Purples and Greens of the deepest waters. Her symbol is a Conch Shell.

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