“Out here in the cold, you eat what you find. You eat what you can. You eat what’s tryin to eat you.” ~Chunda Proverb

The people of Chunda are a very hearty people. They choose to live in one of the harshest of environments wanting very little from the outside world. They mine ore and precious metals that they use for trade. The small village of no more than 700 people take care of each other and who ever they happen to find along the way.

Here there is a mix of mostly Humans and Dwarves that live side by side and much to themselves. The only Gods they recognize here are those of the Snow and Ice as well as the Gods of Darkness and Light. They are of a very strange way of life compared to the rest of Kalidria, many rumors exist about these people. Of all of them, only one has been confirmed true, they eat goblin flesh.

The Lord of Chunda is a Dwarf by the name of Olan Durf. He is the leader of these hardy people. Since he has taken the throne of bones Chunda has not called for anyone to aid them in the harsh winters. Their population is said to have grown as well in this time.

Notable NPCs

Olan Durf Lord of Chunda
Skyborn of the Greenwood Elf that once lived in the Great Falls Forest
Pitch Human Miner
Sable Newcastle Female Wizard wearing a Red Cloak
Belvue Priest of Halis

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