“To be caught by the Krixians is to become their next meal, before or after you are tortured and raped.” ~Maltanian Trader’s Saying

The savages from the desert known as The Blister of Krix. Many claim that they have lived on each other’s blood for drink and under such hot sun that it has boiled their brains over the years. Very few things can survive in the Blister, and this is the only race that can.

With the way of life that they call their own, it is hard to say how long they could actually live, most die in their 40’s. They are known to be cannibals and very powerful fighters. They seem to be human for the most part, but their skin is of a dark redish hue. The color of clay after it has been baked.

They seem to almost frenzy at the smell of blood or battle. For all their savagry, they do have a few cities of their own, and not all people that they capture become food right away. In the city of Krix they have a great arena where Krixians can prove their might and honor as well as non-Krixians can earn honorary title of Krixian should they win ten matches in the arena.

Krixians do have a sense of home and homeland and are not nomads. If you are labeled Krixian you are family and you may share in anything they have. Women are held to the same standards as men. They also do not have family units, everyone is family. You are either Krixian or not, and all is given to them by the great Krix.

The women are just as savage as the men. The leader of the Krixian people is the warrior, man or woman, that is considered by all to be the strongest warrior they have. The leader is given the title of Krixis. Their current leader is Krixis Kri, and she is beyond savage.

They see the desert as the land of Krix and have no interest to travel beyond it, but they are known to raid nearby towns and villages.


Krixians embrace the thought of nothing is owned and you own nothing. Slavery is actually one of the greatest insults that you can put to a Krixian. They live in their cities with what outsiders would see as a standard market place, however there are no vendors. People come by and take only what they need and nothing else.

Krixians do have manners and respect other cultures for what they are. For all their savagery, they have a very complex honor system. Their leader is seen as the strongest of their people and this is decided through combat.

To take the head of the fallen and put it on display is seen as an honor to someone that fought bravely. On the other side of the coin, to either have your eyes removed or to roll the dead face down is a sign of dishonor, reserved for cowards, greedy, and the dishonorable.

When you are taken by the Krixians it is to see if you can compete in the arena for the right to become a Krixian, as well as your freedom. You win 10 fights in the arena and you are then dubbed a brother or sister and are treated as such.

Krixians eat what they can, and are not above eating another human, however they are picky with whom they eat. For it is their belief that if you eat another person then you are taking them into yourself. The more you eat the person the more of them you taken inside you.

*Heat Immunity has nothing to do with Fire.

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