“Danger is to be faced head-on, with calm and resolve. Those who defeat evil are rewarded with Glory, while those who uphold the tenets of the Arch-paladin are rewarded with Virtue.” ~Excerpt from the Halifaustian Code in the Age of Formation

The House of Halifaust was once an elvish society of people that stretched over four of the kingdoms and was respected and revered by all of them. Their seat of power was in the elven homeland of Feduria, from which thirteen houses held council in honor of the elven deities led by Halifaust. These elves followed the Halifaustian Code and lived up to honor and chivalry. Somewhere during the Age of Enlightenment there was a schism of this house. The two most prominent members of the house had a very large disagreement in the point of a crusade to smite the land of all followers of religions counter to their own.

House Ethulia felt that the crusade was a bloody affair that did not show Halifaust in a favorable light. This was lead by Kenthelous Ethulia, father of Feldus. To separate themselves from the radicals they added a sword to Halifaust’s sigil calling it the Sword of Truth, thus reinventing themselves as the Elven House of Varfarrion. It was with the coming of age of Feldus’s eldest son Vyden that Feldus accepted the position of the Supreme Chancellor of the Council of Thirteen and rendered leadership of House Varfarrion to Vyden.

Following Feldus’s assassination and subsequent the subsequent civil war between the thirteen houses, Vyden and his kinsmen expatriated to EdiusKingdom. All the while the Halifausti took up their crusade, and many say that it was because of this crusade that evil was allowed to fester. Calisto‘s first order of business was to rid D’valten of all traces of the House of Halifaust.

This lead to great support from others that were now being oppressed by the house. Which lead to the formation of Calisto‘s great army. So many still to this day see the House of Halifaust in a very bad light. But here and now House Varfarrion is once again on the rise, now recovered greatly from the losses they took during Calisto’s reign of terror, they are now posed to “Right the Wrongs” and bring forth a new age of Chivalry true to the Faith of Halifaust.

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