The great kingdom of Edius was the last and strongest Kingdom to fall to the might of Calisto. The kingdom was so named for the great city of Edius, the castle walls were built high and strong. The castle at its heart shimmered as if it were made of gold. It was here that the human line of kings stood vigil and strong giving just rule to the Kingdom.

The kingdom stretches to the norther reaches of the Dragon’s Tooth Mountains and the Sea of Ice and to the south of the Plains of Edius where it meets with the Kingdom of Slykin. For one thousand years the Kingdom stood strong, until Calisto focused all his might and all of his hate into one single blow that crushed Geldstein and ran straight through the capital itself.

It was 32 years to the day when Calisto’s great castle fell by the hands of a group of five heroes that witnessed this sight and swore to avenge this last and pure city. Calisto had corrupted the entire world and for that the Five Swore to see his great castle fall. For 32 years they fought and grew seeking the secrets of Calisto’s destruction, before Seros delivered the keys of its unmaking to Keros and to the Magi Council there.

Today Edius is nearly back to the way it was before the darkness came across its land. The cities of Edius and Geldstein are still in ruins and the capital of the Kingdom as moved to the city of Keros.


The Dragon’s Eye
The Dragon’s Eye is an area that includes a range of mountains an a very large lake that, when viewed from the peaks of the mountain resembles a Dragon’s Eye. Our adventure starts here.

Great Falls Forest
A large forest to the west of Dragon’s Eye, known for it’s very rich and lush lands as well as the river coming from the Dragon’s Eye Mountains at the heart of the forest going into a great waterfall that some say is 300 feet deep plunging into the earth itself to a huge subterranean lake.

The Gulf of Edius
The region of the small sea that hold the city of Keros the closest port city to the Dragon’s Eye region. It is known for its good fishing as well as the city of Keros itself.

The Darkwood Forest
A large forest of very tall and thick hardwood trees. The trees are so close together that the forest does not know the passage of day and night, until winter comes. The forest is old and foreboding and has a large monster population still to this day. The forest seemed to grow overnight when the Calm began, this made the dark forest even darker. The old road to Edius runs through the heart of the forest and only the Darkwood Elves travel by it now due to how dangerous the forest has become.

Plains of Edius
Edius was once the capital of this whole region. It was the greatest stronghold of the Free People and the sight of the strongest resistance to Calisto and the Sentinels.

Northern Plains
The area north of the Dragon Tooth Mountains and the Great Falls Forest are home to very few people. They live there keeping water ways clear to allow for ship passage from Keros all the way to Alastin. These rare and rough people live off of the frozen seas and the rare few crops that can grow here.

Cities of Note

Lynd Uncean
Twin Rivers
Halis Port

Race Demographic

40% Human
19% Dwarf
15% Half-Elf
10% Elf
7% Darkwood Elf
6% Halfling
3% Other(Krixian, Dragonkin)


Commonly Spoken
Kalidrian (Common)
Old Kalidrian (Draconic)

Less Common
Voldian (Undercommon)
Krut (Ancient Dwarven)
Chundian (Language only spoken by the Chundians in Northern Edius)

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