The Tyrant that laid siege to all of Kalidria for over 1,000 years. Many stories speak to the fact that the greatest warriors put swords to his flesh, but he would not die. The stories and legends of Calisto are of such great fear and terror that many fear to even speak his name.

The most frightening thing about him, is the fact that he was able to draw together monsters and creatures from all over the world to fight under his banner. Mortal enemies fought side by side with one another terrorizing and pillaging the lands of Kalidria.

His rise to power came to the far away lands to the west beyond the sea. The rumors are abound as to how Calisto actually came to be the terror, but ultimately no one knows for sure. With him came not only monsters, but also humanoids that walk the earth still. Those that decided the only way to survive the storm would be to join forces with this evil, or perhaps they were evil men and women to begin with.

Among them there were four far more foul than the others. All but one was human, the last was a very deadly elf. They called them the Sentinels. Kerarld the Sentinel of Destruction; Lynsyd the Sentinel of Death; Harrow the Sentinel of Torture; Skald the Sentinel of Madness as they were known.

Kerarld was a powerful warrior. Lynsyd was a female elf and an assassin. Harrow was a Wizard that focused his skills on pain and tourture, it was rummored that he also was involved with Necromancy. As far as Skald, she was always depicted wearing little to no armor, but unknown how she drove all that crossed her mad. It was also said that for someone so mad, she was a vision to behold.

They were Calisto’s stewards; the ones closest to him and on those final days he called them back to him. They were inside his castle when it fell to the ground. They are thought to have died with him those 300 years ago.

Rise To Power

Calisto was born in the Kingdom of D’valten to Emrys the King of D’valten. They are from a line of kings with a rule that was absolute. None alive can remember what Calisto looked like without his his helm, so it is unknown if he lived up to his name or wore it as a curse. Calisto was said to mean beautiful.

Emrys was a very cruel Lord, as has been many of his line. He would take slaves from the neighboring lands and once they no longer served the purpose they were taken for, he would flay them in the streets. The dungeons of Styx rarely had many occupants. We will leave the reasoning for that to the imagination for now.

When Calisto was 42, his father contracted a rather sudden illness and died suddenly. This gave Calisto the throne. Calisto swore that this was a poison from the neighbors to the west. At the eve of his first year on the throne, Calisto brought war to the land of Kendor to the West.

It is unknown what race Calisto and his family are, but they appear to be human. However, their longevity lead many to believe otherwise. The family are always depicted with hair black in color, olive skin and amber eyes, no matter what the bride brings to the bedchamber. They are all fierce and cunning, and they carry with them a presence unlike many others.

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