The White City is the capital of Feduria. It is perched on high cliff walls on the south eastern coast of Feduria. The city is built of white washed stone that is smooth to the touch. It is a ringed city with each of the districts of the city with a higher wall than the last ring. The outer city wall is 20 feet high, with each subsequent wall 20 feet taller with the Palace District having a 80ft tall wall.

The palace sits overlooking the bay below and the architecture is dominated by archways and domes. There is plenty of airflow provided to the capital’s palace due to the hot and humid climate of the land. In the open design there are many gardens that have been cultivated over many centuries to be breathtaking.


At the base of the cliff is the bay that serves as the sea side entry point to the city. The bay is home to 13 statues, one for each of the founders of the Elves. Some of these individuals are now renown gods. Each statue is carved from marble, and each hold a flag that bears the family crest. These statues are of:
- Corrwyn Halifaust
- Fordwyn Greenleaf
- Kenthelous Feldus
- Aewyn Addia
- Madrin Ethulia
- Cywin Nillenus
- Galadrin Kairios
- Danithal Maetheglin
- Isabau Iscandar
- Lowrwyn Thaelwelint
- Krin Berylthos
- Gwen Gerrildeth
- Sylwyn Selevorn

At the heart of the docks there is one other statue of a human that is a bit too tall, and is actually Elgis in his human form. Behind the docks there is a massive cave that was carved out and it serves as the access method to the city. Also in this cave is the Undercity District.

Shipping Companies:

  • Eagle’s Arms: Owned by Eldwin Halifausti it is the property of the royal family
  • Greenleaf – Owner is Deldwor Greenleaf but it is ran by Sandril Greenleaf these days
  • Dancing Dreams – Owned by Delphine Maetheglin


  • Thunder Lance Shipyards: Madrin Duris is the owner and she is a Dwarf that is from Durg


  • Current Officers: Vin Iscandar, Vax Iscandar, Fordwin Nillenus and Xavian Feldus
  • Customs processes and greets the visitors of Feduria and assists them with directions to what they seek. They also look for elements that they do not want in the city or in Feduria.

Undercity District

The Undercity is inside the cave system that exists below the White City. It is primarily the industrial district of the city as well as home for the offices that keep the city running. There are lifts that will take an individual up to the surface of the city for a cost of 5 silver. For those that can’t afford such a cost there are large stairwells that will take you up to the surface.

Taverns & Inns

Whiskey Town – Logan Twin (Human, Male) is the owner, Ori (Dwarf Male) is the primary brewmaster
The Melting Pot –
Freeman’s Inn –
Halfman’s Respite –
Bosuns Birth –
Forge Fires -


The Trident
Cogs and Springs

Bathhouses and Brothels

Portraits – Hanzo Lewdo (Half Elf Male) is the owner
Saltwife Respite – Madam Alinta Selevorn (Elf Female) Is the owner
Steamworks – Fortuna Halifausti ( Elf Female) is the owner, Hurdi Goin (Dwarf Female) is the steam-mister. Steamworks is a bathhouse that specializes in steam and hot baths.


The Broom Closet – General Store owned and operated by Meri Coin a Halfling Female
Books and Cooks – Torvi Nok a dwarven male owns the shop and it carries books, bookbinding materials, cookware and other magical supplies.
The Tearoom – Owned by Oliver Iscandar and it sells tea and tea supplies
Jester’s Cap – Kovi a halfline male runs the place and it supplies Costumes, musical instruments, and other entertainment supplies such as make up stage props and the like.
Guildhouse Bazaar – Dougal Dwayne Denderpop is the “Curator” of the Bazaar and it is a place that students of the Guildhouse can sell things they have produced. The students get 1/3th of the proceeds from the sales.


Guildhouse – The Guildhouse if a secondary education for tradesmen and craftsmen. The instructors are paid very well to help produce quality students. The school requires tuition, however many grants are provided to individuals that have a sponsor.
The Academy in Undercity – The general education that is free to any resident of Feduria. This location is the primary school for those that live in the Undercity.
The Drama: A secondary school for actors, musicians and other related skills. Like the Guildhouse, instructors are paid well and the school requires tuition. The Drama focuses on entertainment for average folk or sea workers instead of more high brow fair.


Shrine of the Founders
This temple is dedicated to the history and memory of the elves that founded the land of Feduria. Statues of each of the 13 can be found here. This temple is not one of worship, but of memory.

The Helm
This is a temple to the following Gods Beldon, Halis, Halifaust, Kaelen and Calysto

This is a temple dedicated to the worship of the Wyrms.

Final Rest
This temple is also a burial site and is devoted to the memory of those that have passed and the worship of Necropis and Bliss

Ice and Fire
This temple is devoted to the worship of Cerwyn, Hygr, Cliss, Kaelen, Patrus and Malphrus

Shadow Crest
This temple is dedicated to the worship of Cryptice, Pryn, Gydrix, Nytr, Spirin, Lynsyd and Calysto

Hidden Grove
This temple is dedicated to nature and the worship of Fordwyn, Addia and Haldorn

Palace District

The Palace district is the area around the palace and is welcome to guests of the noble families, the workers of the palace and other aristocrats that frequent the temples here. Access to the Palace district is solely allowed by escort or royal seal. Guests are required to wear a ring of an appropriate type to mark the standing with the royal family.

Rings of Invite

  • Iron Ring: Slave or worker that has access to the district
  • Iron Ring with Gold band: Slave or worker that has access to the Palace
  • Bone Ring: A member of the priesthood of one of the Temples in the Palace District.
  • Silver Ring: Craftsman, Tradesman or Merchant with access to request audiences with members of the Palace.
  • Malachite Ring: Guest of the Royal Family
  • Amber: Noble, Merchant or other aristocrat that has access to the palace.
  • Bronze Ring: Foreign ambassador with access to the throne.


Addia’s Grove – Oak and Ash trees have been grown and shaped to make up the temple. The temple is home to followers of Addia and the High Priests are Orowyn Nillenus and Qwenlin Addia.

Celestial Garden – Found within the Royal gardens known as Eden. This garden is a collection of the most exotic and rare plants that can be found in Kalidria. Sections of this garden are environmentally controlled with enchanted greenhouses to keep the temperatures and other environmental conditions specific to the territories that the plants can be found. This is a temple to Fordwyn and many priest and priestesses tend to these gardens on a daily basis. The overseers are HP Elethoi Ethulia and HT Lester Cordwin a Centaur.

Hall of Justice – This structure serves as the highest courts in Feduria. The building is constructed of the same white stone as the city walls and serves as the judicial building for all major disputes. It is said that all is judged by Halifaust himself here. This building also serves as the temple to Halifaust. Justice Onaalus Halifausti and Justicar Ibronac Feldus are the highest authorities here. Any decree made here is considered a mandate from Halifaust himself.

The White Horn – This structure is also known as the “Dragon’s Tooth” as the structure was truly fashioned after the K9 teeth of a great white wyrm called Sybrin, the last victim of the Elf and Dragon wars. This temple is the temple of Elgis, which has served as a site for followers of Halis since she has taken up his mantle. As such the High Priest is actually a Priest of Halis named Verick. He took over the rule of the temple after his father passed in the Calming Wars.

Long Memory (Hall of Bones) – This temple to Necropis is also home to the training hall and barracks to the Deathspeakers. The Deathspeakers are the slave assasins that are chosen at childhood and trained all their lives to handle the affairs of the throne. The Hall of Bones, what is commonly known as, is constructed of the bones of the fallen Deathspeakers as well as the bones of the victims. Upon entry of the temple you are greeted with the saying of Necropis, “Death comes to all and welcomes you here.” This structure is also the burial ground for nobles and anyone that was given an Amber ring or an Iron Ring with a Gold Band. It is said that the bones of the founders and all that lost their lives to the great Elf Dragon war reside here and were the foundation of the temple. Also found within the Hall you can find small temples to three legendary Deathspeakers, Bliss, Nytr, and Lynsyd. The High Priests of the temple are simply known as the Speakers and the identities of these individuals are not known commonly.

Beldon’s Grove – This temple to Beldon is a great vineyard and winery. Here the focus of the temple is to perfect the crafting of wines. You can find many different wines of different styles. The wine produced here is considered the greatest wine of all Kalidria and is exported far and wide. This is one of the few temples to Beldon that do not possess a forge. The current High Priest is Oscar Beir and TirrivaThaelwelint.

House of Pryn – This is known as the greatest stage in Kalidria and in fact was constructed by Pryn himself. It was built to his specifications, and served as music hall as well as a place of entertainment, gambling and all things that are associated with Pryn these days.

Outer City

The Outer City is the outermost ring of the city.


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