Axel of Sanddrift/Theo Price


Black haired rogue/ handsome blond noble


The Price family was a very wealthy family in Geldstein, they worked their way up from a ship owner to owning a shipping company and an entire dock in the city. They had a contract with the city to ship in stone, lumber and other items needed for rebuilding the city. They also worked to move goods for other merchant families and supplied goods to lesser merchants. They were well respected and well loved. Always fair with pricing and understanding with payment issues.

Jayce inherited it from his father and mother, and for many years it was perfect. He finished building the family estate in the Greenwood section of Geldstein. He married a young lady named Katlin Rose and they had several children. Theo was the first born and would be groomed to inherit the family business, followed by him were Doris, Byron, Merridith, Elsa, Jonathan and Kevin.

Up until a few years ago things were great, living as a wealthy merchant family in a rebuilding city. More and more culture from outside returned to the city. Statues and busts of the heroes that brought the peace that they all enjoy was erected in the city square. Calming day celebrations were always very festive. At the age 12 Theo was betrothed to Margery Davies, the daughter of a close family. Her father Kilborn and Theo’s father Jayce were close friends.

Just before his 13th birthday, Jayce came home smelling of liquor and in a foul temper. This was something unlike his father. Jayce informed Theo that the marriage was off, and forbid him from seeing her. After that however Jayce was seen on more than a few occasions appearing disheveled and drunk. Jayce and Katlin began to have hushed arguments. The staff began to change out, many times with Katlin tearfully speaking with them in quiet. They were replaced with many times younger staff.

Theo’s tutor was replaced with a young half-elf lady with chestnut brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her name was Lyra. She had an accent that was unfamiliar, but was an excellent teacher of mathematics, logic, and navigation. She was always kind to him so didn’t think about it much. A bit after Theo turned 14 he learned that Kilborn Davies was arrested by the city and charged with several crimes including Selling of an Enlightened Race, Murder, Tax Evasion. The family lost everything.

Shortly after that Katlin sent all but Theo to her parent’s estate in Forlorn. Jayce forbade Theo from going as he was to inherit the family business. Jayce tried to keep things looking appropriately, but Theo knew something was different. Weeks later disaster struck. The Temple of Halis and the City Guard entered the estate. There was a private meeting between the High Templar himself and Jayce. A few hours later, Katlin was called in. She then came to Theo and told him to pack his clothing with tears in her eyes.

Katlin told Theo that the city has claimed the holdings of the family to cover the cost of mistakes that your father had made. Pack a bag, but take no jewelry aside from your family ring you wear around your neck. Theo, Jayce and Katlin was given a coin purse with 100 gp each. Still enough to live well for a year in the city, but the business was gone.

They moved into a modest flat in the city overlooking the bay. Jayce and his pride was shattered. He didn’t have a clue as to what to do. Katlin resented him, but loved him. She stayed at his side to work through the troubles, but soon the coin purses got light. Katlin began working in a tavern, Jayce spiraled to drinking. They moved again to a little whole of a place close to the dockside taverns. The Lead Rudder was good to Katlin, but she was unhappy. Gavin Butterby, the owner of the Lead Rudder was always trying to help Theo with continued studies, but it was here that Theo saw the first workings of pickpocketing and such.

Jayce then crossed a line that he instantly regretted, in a drunken stupor he hit Katlin. Only once and he broke down in regret immediately after, but Katlin was a lady of her word and left him that very night. Gavin Butterby took her in without a question. Theo knew at that moment his family would not recover under his father’s watch. Using some of his last coin he bought passage to Keros.

With a nearly empty coin purse, he took to the streets. He had watched the other kids carefully and picking pockets looked easy enough. He spotted a man with a bit of a limp walking with a cane. He looked well off enough that he could afford to lose a few coins. That’s when Theo tried his hand at it. This decision would be one that changed his life forever. As his hand found the coin purse a hand found his wrist. It was a strong grip.

The man drove him into an alley where he used the cane to beat Theo nearly to death. As Theo was being beat this man instructed him in the many ways that he screwed up with the pick of target, his approach and let him know that this beating will serve him as a reminder of how he fouled up. Theo, amongst the beating began begging for him to train him. The man stopped hitting him. “Heal from these wounds and survive for the next three months then we will see.”

He then left him. Theo did listen and was forced to survive how he could. It was difficult, but he did survive the three months taking the name of Axel of Sanddrift. To ensure he could play the part of Axel, he traveled to Sanddrift. Sanddrift is a small fishing village to the south of Keros. It was here that the sorcery awakened within him.

There he saw a drunk fisherman yelling at his daughter. It happened when the fisherman struck the girl about his age. He saw an image of his father striking his sister Merridith. The next thing Theo knew was fire had shot from his hand striking the fisherman killing him instantly. In the horror of what he had done, Theo’s hair fell out. He fled returning to Keros. To his amazement the hair grew back the next day.

Upon re-entry to the city, the man with a cane called to him. “Well boy, you survived. I’ll teach you, but no more killing. I heard about Saddrift, but no one else has. We can keep it a secret.”

You learn his name to be Reinhard. He worked the city of Keros, which was a hard city to work. He learned the trade. He learned that in Keros you do not work the craft in the inner city. The inner city is where the tri-spires are located. The tallest is the Grand Archives, a great library, many claim to be the largest in Kalidria. Next tallest is the government center. The third is Virbum Vis, the school of Wizardry. The inner city is dedicated to the wealthy, wizards and historians or bards.

These years were some of Theo’s best since the downfall. Through all of this though, Theo never forgot and he would rebuild everything his family had.

Axel of Sanddrift/Theo Price

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