Gault Silverdrake


Born in the city of Durg, Gault Silverdrake was raised by his father, Iron, and his mother, Serra. His father was a warrior and a follower of Moradin. His mother owned the map shop “Serrandipitous Directions”.

One night, Gault and his mother were awoken with the horrible news that his father was killed by a roving band of orcs. Serra, who loved her husband deeply, died of grief a short time after leaving Gault orphaned.

Too young to own the property left to him by his parents, Gault left the shop and his home in the care of his elder cousin Duncan. Inspired by the great stories his father told him of Moradin and his consort Berronar, Gault joined the order at the shrine of Berronar. The elder members saw great potential in him and urged him to join the Templar after many years of faithful service.

The Templar of Berronar are an elite group of religious warriors that seek truth and justice as well as to help and heal others. They root out any unnatural beings by seeking to understand and un-knit the foul necromantic magics used to create them.

In order to become a full Templar, would be clerics must quest to gather stories of heroism and bravery. They must defeat evil on its own soil. To achieve this, Gault volunteered to leave Durg and travel to the city of Malatin to lend his healing aid to the folk dwelling there.

When the call came for volunteers to seek a powerful healing elixir to aid the dying Lord Ethan, he was the first to answer…

Gault Silverdrake

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