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For three hundred years the world has been Calm. It was a rest that the world of Kalidria needed in the wake of a Tyrant, Calisto. Three months ago however, a great earthquake took this quiet and calm away. Monsters are more active now than they had been in 300 years. Strange Stories are filtering in from the surrounding areas that has made the eldest of the world go quiet and still with a far off look in their eyes.

The world it seems is changing once more. The Calm seems to be going away now, what is to come? It seems that dark clouds are approaching, a storm rises. During this dark time however, the quiet mountain town of Malatin has other concerns. The town has been attacked by goblins showing an unusal sense of organization and tactic, stealing grain and ponies. The town’s blacksmith has gone missing as well along with many of his tools.

Welcome again to Kalidria. Feel free to move to the wiki to take a look at the rest of the setting. We gather around the table in Richville, MN.

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