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We call the current age of Kalidria the Calm. We could easily call this age the Age of Rebuilding as that is what the world has had to do. Nearly 600 years ago the many wars that were waging turned into one war with only two sides to it. When you have a tyrant so powerful that you can stop nobles from bickering, you know you have a threat. That tyrant was known as Calisto.

Calisto was such a threat that each of the nine Kingdoms either raised their arms against him or bent the knee. As the final kingdoms were falling, a group of heroes were called to arm and given the task of doing what armies had failed to do in 1200 years. The task they were given was to defeat Calisto. After multiple attempts he was ultimately defeated.

The annals of history were recorded by the Historians in Keros. The Council of Mages declared a new age the Calm. That entry was recorded over 85 years ago. Now in the year 392 After Calm, I am here to tell you that omens that point to another prophecy. This prophecy points to the return of a Deity locked away… Kaelen. Since these omens have started a purge of red dragonkin children has begun. The fear that any one of these children could grow to become the deity of War and Destruction has rattled this calm.

Have these omens been read properly? Is Kaelen returning? Eyes look to the Ruby Tower in Slykin for more insight…

Welcome again to Kalidria. Feel free to move to the wiki to take a look at the rest of the setting. We gather around the table in Richville, MN.

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