Vyden Varfarrion

“No more! Never while I draw breath shall I commend myself nor my kin to the yoke and the shackle! Mark me well, for I shall not linger here in bondage. I fear not our neighbors as though they had daggers to our backs. I shall not fear this Council, capable of naught but idleness and worry. I shall not linger. I shall not fester herein. If any would have themselves free of this folly, THIS HYPOCRISY, I BID YE NOW: RELEASE THINESELVES!” Lord Vyden Varfarrion to the Fedurian Council of Thirteen


The Lord Vyden of House Varfarrion sat among the Council of Thirteen in Feduria during the height of their strength as the son of Feldus Varfarrion. Vyden led his house with grace and honor until the horrific assassination of his father allegedly by a dwarven radical. When Aihros Halifausti assumed Feldus’s position of Supreme Chancellor, he swiftly proposed laws for the enslavement all citizens within Feduria’s borders that did not descend from pure elven blood. As a wave of xenophobia took hold of the island nation, Vyden spoke out against the extremist legislation, but was outvoted by the majority of the Thirteen.

It was then that Vyden delivered his ultimatum, “If They are not free, then truly none of us are free-” and through his conviction brought the Lord of Gerrildeth and Lady Nillenus to his side. When the soldiers of Feldus moved to imprison Vyden for his political dissidence, they found the Halls of Varfarrion abandoned…

Vyden and his allies had moved to commit an exodus from Feduria, and the War of Exiles began. Houses Varfarrion, Gerrildeth and Nillenus stood united against the full might of Feduria as they attempted to flee the State with any refugees they could protect. The battles were horrific, as kinslaying of that magnitude had not occurred in millenia. In the end, Lord Vyden had won freedom for his people, and over a fifth of the population of Feduria sailed away in defiance.

In the land of Edius, the elven exiles finally came to rest in the vast forests north of Keros. Beside cascading waterfalls, the three houses made their pact of brotherhood, and the mighty city of Feldus was founded, named for Feldus Ethuria. Making alliance with the noble Dwarves of Durg, the exiles raised their towers high among the trees and cliffs. As the bells rung and the birds sang in joy, Vyden breathed a sigh of relief for the first time in decades. He had made a new home.

Many, many years later, Calisto launched his campaign against Edius.

Even as Feduria bowed in submission to the might of the despot, Vyden led his people once more in the fight for freedom against the Hordes of Darkness. As the Citadel of Calisto descended upon the capital of Edius, Vyden marshalled his forces and rode to their aid, repelling the ground deployments of Calisto.

It was there that Vyden encountered Lynsyd, the Sentinel of Death. Vyden looked upon the elvish assassin in unparalleled rage, furious that she would make her own kin thralls to Calisto’s malice. It was in that meeting that Vyden faced Lynsyd in mortal combat. All stood aside in awe as their blades danced and sang in dischord and ruin. As Lynsyd seemed to gain the mastery and move for her killing strike, Vyden drew his fingers across his blade and wove a spell of subtlety and glamour. Vyden’s blow sundered Lynsyd’s infernal weapons and gored her deeply as she had so many others before.

Overcome by his numerous wounds, Vyden collapsed in the field, and nearly perished from the resuming chaos but for the actions of the Lord Eldos. The human ally extracted Vyden from the fray as the Allied Forces began to rout the enemy. Vyden thereafter swore an oath of fellowship to the sons of Eldos, and thereafter their houses were ever allies.

Lynsyd was never seen again, presumed dead if not from suffering Vyden’s final strike, then surely once Calisto had been cast down she fell with him. The tale of Vyden’s skill and bravery spread among the ranks of the Free Armies like a fire among the reeds, for no soul had ever overtaken a Sentinel in battle. To this day, songs are sung of the Dance of the Eagle and the Raven.

As the Calm set in, Lord Vyden returned to his forest and set about healing the hurts of the land. House Varfarrion had been build up stronger than ever before, and Lords of Feldus were held in great esteem across Edius. Hanging up his sword, Lord Vyden then consented to the grinding minutia of diplomacy, representing the rest of his kin to the other free races in the West. As the Lords of the Bow and Horn were bade to make a reckoning of themselves to their neighbors they dryly replied to Vyden; “Ahh but you understand their culture far better than we do. Doubtless you can serve the interests of the Three to far greater success than any of our woodwild brethren.” So it was that Lord Vyden took up the mantle of Emissary to the city of Keros, the new capital of Edius, and labored tirelessly (and perhaps somewhat thanklessly) for the good of his kin.

Shortly after his return to Feldus, Vyden was greeted with his newborn son. And thus a new chapter in the long life of Lord Vyden Varfarrion began.


Adana Varfarrion Wife and companion of Lord Vyden, originally of the house Halifausti, but agreed with the traditional view of Halifaust unlike the slanted view of those that worship him from her homeland.

His brother in law, Aihros leads the Council of Thirteen in Feduria and his sister in law is Makisha Halifausti current queen to the ruler of Kendor.

Alana Varfarrion First daughter and heir to her father’s Throne

Lysa Halifausti Second Daugther who has rejected her father’s name to take up the family name of her Mother. Loyal to the ways of The House Halifausti.

Vyertinn Varfarrion, Vyden’s only son was instructed in the faith of Halifaust. Eventually sent to be a ward of Ethan Eldos, Lord of Malatin following a scandalous homecoming after completing his tutelage at the Verbum Vis in Keros.

Vyden Varfarrion

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