The Sentinels

The Sentinels are four of the most fearsome individuals that Kalidria has ever known. They were extreme in every regard. These individuals served as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for many a town and province. These were the ambassadors for Calisto.

Each one had their own talent. All but one was human, the last was a very deadly elf. They called them the Sentinels. Kerarld the Sentinel of Destruction; Lynsyd the Sentinel of Death; Harrow the Sentinel of Torture; Skald the Sentinel of Madness as they were known.

Kerarld was a powerful warrior. Lynsyd was a female elf and an assassin. Harrow was a Wizard that focused his skills on pain and tourture, it was rummored that he also was involved with Necromancy. As far as Skald, she was always depicted wearing little to no armor, but unknown how she drove all that crossed her mad. It was also said that for someone so mad, she was a vision to behold.

These four individuals formed four of the five pillars of Calisto’s reign. Fear, Destruction, Death, Tourture and Madness. The latter only to build up the first. These four were loyal and it’s said that they died with Calisto to bring the Calm.

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The Sentinels

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