The Butcher

“Some were made for killing, and this one… he knows no other purpose in life” Seros about the Butcher

Ewlith Iscandar is better known as “The Butcher” and the executioner of Feduria. His house are among the strongest front line warriors that Feduria has to offer and this man enjoys killing more than any elf should. There is a dark seed within him that is brought out at the chance to make another life end.

This beast has no qualms in slaying another elf or even his own kin. His lot in life is death and he even bears the crest of Necropis on his blade and it is suspected that he follows that deity more than any other, even the family’s own beloved Halifaust.

The blade that he carries is the blade that he has used in every execution he has performed. He has named the blade Soul Shrieker. The blade has become more and more discolored over the years with a sickly reddish green hue. Of course out of fear of the Butcher and because of the name of the weapon many legends have been spread about him and his blade.

It is said that when it is pulled you can hear the screams of every person that has fallen to that blade. It is also said that the souls of those he executed never passed on, but instead have been retained in the blade.

His appearance does not help his case either. The Butcher is tall for an elf standing at 6’10" and a bald head. His extremely gaunt features combined with his larger than normal build and what looks to be intentional scarification seals all questions about him. Where he goes, death follows.

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The Butcher

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