The Nine Kingdoms

Edius was the kingdom that was most resistant to Calisto’s rule, and the capital city of Edius as well as their great stronghold was destroyed because of it. The ruins of Edius still exist southeast of the Darkwood Forest.

D’valten, also known as the Dark Kingdom, was the site of Calisto’s rise of power. It is rumored that it was here that he was born, and it was here that he found his throne. It was here that the reign of terror began.

The wild lands to the south of Edius, home of savage men that have not one king. These men form tribes and constantly fight amongst one another. Bloodthirsty, Savage, and Angry people.

This Kingdom is a sea fairing people for the most part as their kingdom is a cluster of islands ranging from the size of small islands with only a couple of small towns to very large including the main island that the kingdom derives it’s name from.

Land of Extremes. It is the second largest kingdom and it ranges from extreme heat to extreme cold from north to south. This Kingdom is one of the most religious and superstitious people in all of Kalidria. Krix, Cliss and Sylander the Great Ice Wyrm are some of the more prominent in the territory. There are still many here that pray to alters of Calisto.

Alastin is probably the most structured of all of the nine kingdoms. They learned a lot from the war of long ago and that they had grown too comfortable in fashion and luxury and did not focus enough on their military. They are still known for their fashion, but they are also known for having the largest and most organized military of the nine Kingdoms. Noble courts and the families here always trying to show up one another.

The Elven Kingdom, as they like to call themselves. This kingdom is on a large island to the southeast of Alastin and Slykin. Feduria is a place that elves make sure that you are aware that they are the greater species as they are longest lived, they must surely have the greatest wisdom. The Kingdom is ruled by a council of elders made up of the 13 “original” families of Elves that settled here.

Kredo is a land of ice and snow. It lies to the north of D’valten. The heart of Kredo is the three linked pyramids that form the capital city of Turris Glacies. The land stretches all the way north to the Unfreezing Sea.

A vast frozen land of ice and snow. The land is a land of extremes. The people that live here have never traveled from this land so they were cut off from the rest of the world. This land is a land untouched by Calisto for reasons unknown. Those that have seen these people have titled them “Strangelings.”

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