Soul Warden

Soul Warden

Weapons: As Class
Requirements: Died and Resurrected, Contact with Cryptice, Halis or Necropis, Visit of the Oracles, Spirit Binding

Special Abilities:

Spells per Day: The ability to cast spells per day from a base class will increase at every even level of advancement as per the base class.

Secret Knowledge: Once per day you can call upon knowledge of the dead through any piece of the dead. You can gain a bonus on a knowledge roll modified by the knowledge the being possessed. The spirit of the dead is compelled to pass on information with a Will check modified by spirits disposition.

Spirit Weapon: The warden can bind a spirit to a weapon to provide an additional magical modifier to the weapon equal to half the Soul Warden level. At Spirit Weapon Rating of 2 the weapon can be used as a Ghost Blade 1/day. At 3 Ghost Blade increases to 3/day

Spirit Armor: The warden can bind a spirit to a piece of armor to provide an additional magical modifier to the armor equal to ½ the Soul Warden level. At Spirit Armor 2 1/day you may ignore the additional damage from a critical strike or add your armor to a ranged touch/Ghost Blade attack. This increases to 3 times per day at Spirit Armor 3, but the wearer will receive the bonus to ranged touch and Ghost Blade attacks permanently.

Spirit Spy: The Soul Warden gains the ability to bind a spirit to an object. The bound spirit can be the eyes and ears for the Warden allowing him to view anything that the spirit can see or sense from within 10 ft. of the object.

Spirit Messenger: The Soul Warden can bind a spirit to an object and through this object the spirit bound can communicate for the Soul Warden. The object retains the ability of Spirit Spy allowing the Warden to hear and see through this spirit as well.

Soul Warden: The Soul Warden can pull spirits from beyond back to this plane of existence and bind them in an object. As long as the spirit was not destroyed it can be bound. The Soul Warden can only use this ability at the site of the death of a being, their grave or if they possess the bone or flesh of the being in question.

Soul Warden

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