“We are privileged and responsible for making Kalidria a better place for all. It is our responsibility to do anything and everything possible to improve the life and status of all that we share the world with. We are Wizards and hold a power beyond the comprehension of those that do not possess it… That is why we must shape the future.” ~ Lecture on Magical Entitlement

Much can be said of the enigmatic individual called Seros. As a figure laden with various appellatives and attributed with many deeds, Seros is easily the subject of controversy. Seros Frostgaze, Seros the Younger, Seros Dragonsbane, Seros the Calmbringer, Seros the Broken, Seros the Lusty, it is uncertain if they are all in fact the same being. Where all of the tales agree is that Seros’s tale begins with the Formation of the Schools of Magic.

The Teacher

During the Age of Formation, King Janus of Xephos sent a summons to the most illustrious and talented magic users of the time, to make council with him and discuss ordering the various practitioners of magical arts. Among those summoned was Seros. At the time he was famous in Kredo as a sort of eccentric interloper, credited with designing the massive crystal pyramids of Turris Glacies that insulate heat against the bitter frosts of the countryside. Whilst initially difficult to reason with, Seros proved to be a man of deep conscience, and saw that the alternatives to formal schooling for Kalidria’s magic users was too dangerous to risk. So when Kredo became the proud host of the Congelato Lacrimam, school of ice magics and alchemy, Seros appointed the Lead Instructor of the institution.

For a time, Seros oversaw the ongoings of the Lacrimam and sat upon the Great Council in Xephos at need. It was a period of prosperity and health which became known as the Age of Enlightenment. By this point however it was noted by all that Seros, by all accounts a mortal man had lived a span of centuries with naught to show but a prickly disposition, a habit for cutting to the chase and a magnificent grey beard. It was clear that something was at work. It was rumored he was the son of a fairy, or some sort of celestial being of unnatural origins. But for all of the speculation, Seros maintained his work as well as an active social life. Seros had a great many paramours over the course of his career.

The Thrall

Those days were brought to an end however with the coming of the Dark Age. With the coronation of Calisto as the new King of D’valten, Seros began to fear for the welfare of his homeland and for the Congelato Lacrimam. When Calisto launched his war upon Kendor, Seros’s fears were confirmed and he set about attempting to rise up the Grand Council to contest this new threat. His pleas for help went unanswered however largely due to the fact though unknown to him at the time, Calisto had a great many supporters within the Mage’s Council. Word reached Calisto of Seros’s defiance and marshaled an army of dragons to take the Lacrimam by storm.

The tale begins to waver after this point but it is told that the School of Arcane Ice was swarmed by a wrath of fire breathing dragons, and after a devastating battle naught was left of the school but rubble and burnt bones. It is believed though, that Seros was taken alive by Calisto’s Sentinels and subjected to unfathomable torture for his impertinence.

Thus did Seros become a unwilling servant of Calisto. Skald the Sentinel of Madness smashed her way into Seros’s mind and bent him to their master’s will. Now no more than a puppet, Seros led the construction of Calisto’s legendary flying fortress; drawn by dragons and held aloft by enchantments from fifty of Kalidria’s greatest spellweavers. Calisto’s rule was absolute. His campaign of terror had stretched as far as the borders of the realm of Edius. Seros himself was held prisoner within the flying castle due to his talents and their potential threat.

At last however Seros contrived to break free. Once Calisto had dispatched Skald away to do his bidding, Seros managed to break free from the bonds she placed on him. After a terrifying struggle to escape the fortress, Seros fled to Edius below, and set to work.

Seros the Calm Bringer

The stories of Seros begin to converge once more upon this point. Mounting a desperate resistance against Calisto’s war machine, the peoples of Edius had gathered together in defiance of him. Seros himself needed heroes of talent and heart to brave Calisto’s impregnable fortress and strike at him once and for all. Five individuals were chosen for their might and skill from Edius’s greatest cultures. Then did Seros secretly instruct them in the spells that powered Calisto’s flying bastion, and more importantly how to circumvent them.

When the Black Fortress came crashing into the sea, it was Seros’s name that was whispered. Though the Five Heroes gave their lives to stop Calisto’s menace, Seros was remembered as the architect of Calisto’s destruction. However he enjoyed the Calm that was brought forth little. Disillusioned with the Mage’s Council, and emotionally scarred by his experiences and loss, Seros walked away from the celebrating and faded into mystery. He was rumored to have began a centuries long bender in an attempt to drown his pain in alcohol but some folktales of the enchanter have sprung up in his absence.

Now, Seros is remembered as a sort of tragic hero. He lost everything he could claim to in his efforts to preserve the freedom of his people and students, but at the end of all things Seros’s stories seem to endure like a sort of bitter gnarled tree whose roots refuse to dislodge. Especially by those who claim to have slept with him.


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