Olan Durf

“These are our mines, our lands and our mountains. Defend them with all we can. No goblin will take food off my plate, they will only provide it. We are the strong. We are the hardy. We are CHUNDA!” ~Olan Durf when faced with a goblin raid

Olan is a short dwarf on dwarven standards standing only a squat 3’5" but he carries a presence about him of someone much taller. The Durfs are an off-shoot of dwarves from Kredo settling in the Dragon Tooth mountains before the great city of Durg was built. Olan has stone grey eyes, brown hair and a short beard for a dwarf.

If asked about the beard he will say, “Damned goblins kept grabbing it so I made sure they couldn’t anymore.” He is a hard man and a proud man. He bends a knee for no man. However, he will share his last bite of food with anyone that is more hungry than he. It’s goblin after all, it really doesn’t taste that good.

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Olan Durf

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