Makisha Heroni

Lady Makisha Halifausti, Queen of Kendor, Priestess of Halifaust

Makisha is the wife of Sando Clize. She is from the land of Feduria and an elf of great beauty. She is often seen wearing whites and gold colors. Much of the inner city has been adorned with white and gold to match.

As a priestess of Halifaust, she observes all the holidays of their God. She stands tall at 6’3" slender with golden blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. On many occasions she will appear in the public with her skin painted gold to match her God.

She is a self-righteous zealot of Halifaust that is forcing all to follow her ways. The temples were the first to go, now she is targeting magical institutes that do not uphold Halifaust as the source of magic.

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Makisha Heroni

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