Kalidria is an old land, war and strife plagued it for 1,500 years before a Tyrant rose to power that enslaved all of it. His reign was long and many believed it would never end. This tryant had a name, and it is a name that most fear to utter, Calisto.

A murderous savage that ruled with fear and raw power. Calisto’s reign was spoken of in ancient legends and lore. These legends and lore were written in only two languages, and Calisto made sure that everyone abandoned those languages forever. He claimed that it was these languages that gave him the power and through them he was invincible to all that spoke them.

“It is written that the end of all wars will come by the hand of a Dark God. He will be known by the gathering of monsters at his side. And all that speak his tongue shall empower him. Through his tongue shall they fear him. Through his tongue he shall call forth the might of all the dark places of the world and enslave all those that seek the light. Only when his tongue goes silent will the world go calm.” the Dark Prophecies, c. 2,200 Before Calm in the age of strife

A selection of the Dark Prophecies written only in Old Kalidrian, but it’s words known by all that lived in the Dark Days. As the Sentinels rode into a town, these words they spoke aloud for all to hear. When they left with that city conquered, these words were spoken by the people every day hailing Calisto as a God.

This is just a selection of Lore and Legends of Kalidria. Below you will find information about the culture of Kalidria as well as the legends.

Formation of the Nine Kingdoms
Destruction of Slykin

Legends and Lore

Elven Legends
The Maid and the Magnaroc

The House of Halifaust
Dragons Eye Lake

Cultures of Old

Ages and Epochs

The Calm 0 A.C – Present
The Dark Days 0 A. C. – 1247 B.C.
The Age of Strife 1247 B.C. – 1362 B.C.
The Age of Enlightenment 1362 B.C. – 1962 B.C.
The Age of Formation 1962 B.C. 2640 B.C.
The Age of Wandering 2640 B.C. – 4280 B.C.
Start of Record circa 3220 B.C.

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