“The Great Lord brought the creatures to heel, and the Keepers kept them there. He gathered the herd, and we tended the flock. He sowed the seeds and we nurtured them. Our minds are his mind. May Calisto reign on forever.” ~The Keepers Song to Calisto

The Keepers of the Beasts were what they were officially called. However the populous knew them only as the Keepers. They were gifted men and women that were skilled in either magic enough to keep up the spells in which Calisto had the beasts under, or were psychic and skilled in the arts of influence and beast control.

The Keepers were beast handlers as well and ensured that the creatures were happy enough, thus easier to control. Many of these people believed in what Calisto lead his followers to believe. They believed that he was building a world where beasts were no longer slaughtered by the droves and driven to extinction. Many of these individuals cared deeply for the beasts they tended to.

War was horrible, however it was needed to stop the ultimate destruction of the beasts. However there were other Keepers that were not fooled into such happy thoughts, they were in it for the true cause. These beasts were a sign of power. They were an untapped army that if given direction could destroy any foe.

These Keepers were men and women after Calisto’s own black heart. It was these keepers that Calisto insured lived well and would live long, regardless of their race. “The strong and pure should live on forever and never die.” Calisto would speak these words as a rally cry before heading off into battle.

Keepers were a very interesting lot, they worn no weapons, and needed no armor. They wore simple black robes with no symbols, emblems or jewelry to mark them. They would be known by the beasts at their sides and the look in their eyes. “I have no need for my voice, for the beasts will roar for me.” Words of the Keepers

Keepers of Note

Shivara Denathal
Varys Macio
Lyna Stars
Coll Ohmsford

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