History in Brief

The year is 300 AC. It has been three hundred years since monsters walked the world freely and without check. Three hundred years since the Calm, an epic event that sent the monsters of the world into hiding or silenced or destroyed in massive exodus. The Calm is the largest event in the history of Kalidria, because it brought peace to the world, for the most part.

Before anything else can be talked about, The Calm must be discussed. Before that, the darkness that existed before must be dredged up. No one living today wishes to discuss what life was like in Kalidria, especially those that are long lived enough to remember it first hand. Those were very dark and fearful times. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings alike lived in a state of fear. They huddled together in what strongholds they had or lived as sparse as possible. The lands of Kalidria was held under the control of a name that many still fear to speak, Calisto.

Calisto had managed to pull the monsters and dark things of the world under his control. He used these monsters to force submission of all the lands to bow before him. This Tyrant enslaved humanity to build a great castle to honor him and to serve as his defenses. He then gathered together the worlds greatest and most powerful wizards and gnomes to make this fortress even more inpenetrable and make it fly.

As his city hovered above the earth, he could orchestrate and control the affairs of the world as he saw fit. No one spoke out against him without coming to a very horrible fate. Those were dark times indeed. This was the story for a great number of years, some state that his reign was nearly 1,000 years long.

However, all evil things must come to an end. From hiding, one of the wizards that assisted in creating Calisto’s flying castle sought out a group of brave heroes and gave them the information needed to bring the flying castle down. These five individuals, now immortalized forever as the saviors of Kalidria, managed to take to the skies and enter the Black Fortress and bring it crashing to the ground. When that happened the monsters seemed to snap out of whatever spell they were under and scattered to the winds.

Mankind was able to drive them away further and bring The Calm. This was all because of these Five heroes that were never seen again. They did not make it out of the Dark Fortress and many swear that they died with it crashing to the ground sealing their fate with Calisto’s. The Five Heroes, as they are known, are revered in nearly Godlike status and they are as follows:

Gurdin the Strong
A dwarf of legendary strength, many state that he had the strength of a storm giant. He is pictured as a male dwarf with a beard down to his ankles armed with two dwarven battle axes.

Etherios the Swift
A male elf wearing fine robes armed with two small swords and a bow. Stories state that he was so swift he could run on the surface of water without disturbing it.

Syilvia the Pure
A female human always depicted dressed in white and gold. She is fair with the holy symbol of Pelor always around her neck. At nearly every temple of Pelor you can find a depiction of Syilvia present.

Kanto the Wise
Kanto is depicted as a very old human male. He wears hooded robes and has a face wrinkled with time carrying a large tome. It is said that he was the most resourceful wizards for many a year. His status are found in halls of Wizardry where he spent most of his life. He was described as being Silent and Observant only speaking when words needed to be spoken.

Ceri the Cunning
Ceri was a jovial female halfling. She was known for her cunning, stealth and ability to come out of situations unscathed. She is depicted a bit overweight with a flagon of ale, two knives in her belt holding a large gemstone of various kinds.

The Nine Kingdoms

Edius was the kingdom that was most resistant to Calisto’s rule, and the capital city of Edius as well as their great stronghold was destroyed because of it. The ruins of Edius still exist southeast of the Darkwood Forest.

D’valten, also known as the Dark Kingdom, was the site of Calisto’s rise of power. It is rumored that it was here that he was born, and it was here that he found his throne. It was here that the reign of terror began.

The wild lands to the south of Edius, home of savage men that have no one king. These men form tribes and constantly fight amongst one another. Bloodthirsty, Savage, and Angry people.

The Kingdom of Islands. Xephos is the trading hub of all of Kalidria. Ships come here form all the other kingdoms to trade in goods and services. With the large trading hub comes the crime. The capital is an island by the name of Xephyr. Xephos stands between Edius and D’valten.

The land of extremes. This Kingdom is to the west of D’valten.



North of D’valten. The land is a very cold place with a very hardy people. The capital is a city made of a Blue Crystal walls and is in the shape of 3 linked pyramids. One of features of this land is a plateau of ice. This plateau runs around the north and east of the city.

The land of the south. The land is caught in a perpetual night. Nothing is as what it seems here and nothing is as it is in all of Kalidria.


Kalidria’s Calender is a Lunar Calender with 13 months for each of the 13 moons that are seen from the passage of Winter to the end of Fall. The passage of time is based on the cycle of the moon and all time is judged based on that.

The thirteen Months are as follows:

1. Frostborne
2. Lyseria’s Spring
3. Frostbreak
4. Moor’s Moon
5. Green Daire
6. Early Harvest
7. Gladebrook
8. Addian
9. Beldon’s Moon
10. Harvest
11. Browndays
12. Twilight
13. Withering

1 – 3 to 4 is typically winter. Spring 4 to 7 more or less. Summer goes from part of 7 to 10. Months 10-13 are fall giving way to winter.

We are currently in the second week of Green Daire when things are growing green. From the day the party left from Malitan the moon was 4 days from Full. So the phrasing wold be something like this for the date in game:

“Four days from the Full of Green Daire”

Ages and Epochs

The Calm 0 A.C – Present
The Dark Days 0 A. C. – 1247 B.C.
The Age of Strife 1247 B.C. – 1362 B.C.
The Age of Enlightenment 1362 B.C. – 1962 B.C.
The Age of Formation 1962 B.C. 2640 B.C.
The Age of Wandering 2640 B.C. – 4280 B.C.
Start of Record circa 3220 B.C.

Death and Magic in Kalidria

Death in Kalidria is something that does not come without consequences. There is very little magic that can return life back to the dead, and even fewer to return one back to their original state. Kalidria is a high fantasy world, but one that keeps death in perspective.

Severed limbs can be reattached, but to be regrown it takes much more. The magic is rare and requires mastery of magic to a very high level. Beyond this there are many forms of magic as it is a respected art. There exists five schools of magic in Kalidria.

Each school specializes in different fields of study. Mages are very few and far between as it takes years of study and training to master the arcane traditions. The Formation of the Schools can be found here.

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