“We learned so much together… just how hard you can pull the skin before it tears… just how much pressure you can apply to a bone before it breaks… Ohh the screams…” ~Harrow, Sentinel of Torture

Harrow was born under the name of Aldric Porter. He was the son of a butcher for the royal family in D’Valten. As he grew he became friends with Calisto, the Prince of D’Valten at that time. It was during the time working with Calisto on some of his magical studies that it became apparent that Aldric had the talent for it.

Calisto spoke to his father, Emrys. Calisto told his father of how helpful the butchers boy was at assisting him in the magical studies and how helpful having another wizard working or the crown would be. Emrys was first angered that his son was accepting assistance from someone as low as his house butcher. After his brief, but fierce anger subsided a letter was written to recommend Aldric to go to the School of Wizardry in D’Valten.

Aldric was sent with the letter and the coin needed for his entrance fee. He began his journey to Sanctuarium Mors. His time there he gained the nickname of the “Harrowing One” for he excelled at the magic that caused pain, distress or manipulated people’s emotions, mind or body. He embraced this and stared introducing himself as Harrow.


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