D’valten lies to the west of the island Kingdom of Xephus. Two seas and a Kingdom protected Edius from the might of Calisto. Even this was not enough. D’valten is a very violent land and this breeds a very hardy and stubborn people.

To the East and South the coastal lines are covered in a very thick swamp that yields on the southern stretch to a tropical rain forest known as the Great Serpent Forest. The capital city of Styx is a coastal city protected by a very treacherous reef, making a strike on the city by sea nearly impossible.

The city is nearly rebuilt from the destruction that was dealt it when Calisto’s sway on the monsters he had gathered to protect the city while he was away destroying the city of Edius. Calisto’s floating fortress never made it back to Styx.

With the rightful king missing, Steward Tiamath Mankin is holding the throne from Reef Town. The former capital has been destroyed by the monsters that were brought there to protect it. The core of the Kingdom has been lost to the monsters.

Directly to the north of D’valten is Kredo and to the west it boarders the Kingdom of Kendor. The wet marshes swamps and rain forest give way to the north to hills leading to the mountains of Kredo. In the northwest these mountains lie within D’valten territory and contain a few active volcanoes.

Cities of Note

Reef Town
Cape Nordan
Fort Clegorne


Great Serpent Forest
Kredo Mountains
Deadlands Swamp
Melnibone Reef
Clegane Plateau

Military Structure

The King of D’Valten is the highest member of the military as well, that being Calisto. Below him is his son serving as a successor. From there you have the four Sentinels, each with their own elite warrior that answer directly to them. These sit upon the top of the heap with the ability to give orders to any other units below them.

Generally speaking, though, Karald is the general and the chief military mind below Calisto and his son. Skald is the primary arbitrator of the actions of the beasts that answer Calisto’s call. Lynsyd governs the flow of information and handling things that relate to things in the shadows, and beyond her Elite does not get too involved in the particulars of war. Harrow, well you can consider him the medic among other things…

Ravagers – Harrow’s Elite squad of handpicked individuals known for their acceptance of his teachings.
Keepers – Skald’s squad that control the minds of the beasts
Dragoons – Karald’s most skilled militants, among them are those trained in taking dragons into combat
Silent Ones – Lynsyd’s network of spies, assassins and infiltrators

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