“You may trust nothing that you cannot chop with true steel.” ~Durin

Durin is a stout Dwarf who has settled down to being a blacksmith in the small mountain town of Malatin. His home is attached to the forge that he has crafted. Above the counter is a battle axe that shows great wear as if it has been used quite a bit. The side of his face looks to be melted.

His beard is becoming silver with his age. When the elders speak of Durin he has built up a legend for himself as a great warrior. He also has built a name for himself as a blacksmith.

The Fall of Durin

During the adventure Durin was captured by a goblin raid on the city of Malatin. His axe was found on an alter to Calisto and the heroes returned it back to him bringing about the fall of Durin. His mind has been given over to the forces of Calisto… Can they save him now?


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