The Dwarven City of Durg is probably the most impressive Dwarven structure in all of Kalidria. It is built deep within the heart of the Dragon Tooth Mountains. Here the greatest Dwarven builders constructed an entire city dedicated to the God Beldon, the God of the Forge.

In his honor and glory they built the Great Forge in the heart of the city, fueled by a seam of molten rock from the heart of the mountain. They call this lava flow the Breath of the Dragon. In the height of the dark war, Dwarves gathered here by the thousands to build and construct weapons pure enough and great enough for the greatest wizards of Kalidria to infuse their greatest might into them.

It was thought that these weapons would be strong enough to undo the evil that Calisto forced upon the world. With the greatest warriors and the greatest weapons the greatest battle Kalidria has ever seen was fought. In the end the War was one by five great heroes. In the calm, many of the Dwarves have gone away from Durg to make menial livings performing crafts that are far below them. However the elders of the Great Forge still teach and train Dwarves of faith the pure arts of smithing.

They hone their skills as they hone their halls, mining the great ore from the earth and forging great artifacts waiting for great wizards to call for their need once more. The eldest dwarves have saw the end of the Calm long ago. Now they are calling for the return of the greatest Smiths to begin to forge the weapons for the next war. Beldon spoke to the priests of the Forge that the Calm would be brief, and the war had just begun, Calisto still breathes…

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