“Ya know, if you were to take a Green Dragon and split off his head at the jaw and lay just the top, ya know, tooth up… That’s what those mountains make me think of everytime” Gerthark the Mighty, Dwarven King of Durg c. 650 BC

This mountain range is how the region got it’s name. Many of the modern age give the claim of naming the region to Gerthark. He was the King of Durg during the dark times before the calm. The mountains are home to many wild creatures with a combination of thick hardwood forest, giving way to the cold altitudes of small shrubs and undergrowth. The mountains are finally topped at its tallest points with sharp curved mountains covered in ice year round that look like teeth of a Great Wyrm Dragon, only a bit bigger.

The low country, as they call it, seems welcoming enough, the hardwood forest gives way to the west to the Great Falls Forest. There are many people that live spread thin around these woods, a few sparse towns you will find here and there. Hamlets for the most part but sometimes larger towns. The mountains cradle a vast lake of peculiar size and shape that has a small dark island in the center of it that gives the illusion from up on the mountain to being the shape of a dragon’s eye.

There are many that still remember the dragons and what they looked like when fully grown. It has been many a year since an adult has been found. Smaller dragons can still be found here and there in the area, but they are becoming more and more rare.

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