14 year Old Aspiring Sorcerer


Able, son to Lilith and Saix Wolfe, was born in the city of Keros during the calm that followed the dark reign of Calisto. .Able grew up in the upper class neighborhood in Keros, his father, Saix, earned his home after he had reached the upper echelon of the mages council. Lilith was no slouch either. She seemed to be more than socially involved in everything that was divine. Needless to say, it was a privilege to live there.

Able was home schooled at a early age, tutored by his mother while his father worked full time for the council. He learned everything from reading to introductory concepts of beginner magic. He was a very driven individual. Able was mostly fluent in 4 languages by the time he was 13. Able willingness to learn and explore was like that of his fathers. Able was allowed to explore Keros and its structures whenever he saw fit. Lilith didn’t mind as long as Able did well in his studies.

Another year passed as Able grew tired of his home in Keros. Able wanted to get out and see the world, to explore Kalidria would be a wish come true. Luckily for Able, he was granted that wish. Lilith welcomed the idea with a warm heart. It took some convincing for Saix but he could never question Lilith’s judgement.

The gates to Keroes open and Able steps through and makes his way to the outskirts of Keros. One more step and this would be the furthest that he has ever been from home.

At that moment a voice echos in his mind, a voice most intoxicating was telling him to leave. And with a deep breath he did.


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